La Salle U. investigates prof over strippers in class

The Philadelphia City Paper reports:

La Salle University officials acknowledged today that the university has launched “a full-scale investigation” into “reports regarding an incident which occurred on March 21” — an incident which, according to two students who witnessed the event and spoke with CP, involved a professor inviting a team of strippers to engage himself and students at an on-campus, for-credit symposium.

[The class] was held by La Salle assistant professor of management Jack Rappaport… The symposium’s subject, the students say, was the application of Platonic and Hegelian ethics to business.

As part of the lesson, they say, three dancers, dressed in bikinis and/or miniskirts and high heels, had already arrived when the approximately 30 students (two of whom were female) entered the classroom. During the course of the presentation, lap dances were administered to willing students — and even Rappaport — while he lectured.


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