February 18 Higher Ed news round-up

  • USA Today reports that the current federal budget battle will have major impacts on higher education, regardless of which side prevails. Among other programs that will be affected:
    • Pell Grants will certainly see a cut in the maximum per year grant amount (although the Obama Administration calls for smaller cuts that are desired by Republicans in Congress)
    • The end is in sight for the program that pays the interest charged to graduate students on certain government-backed loans while the students are in school
  • Although college students will be affected by the proposed budget cuts, the Obama Administration, which has called for increased research and development in the U. S. to foster economic growth and increase global competitiveness, has proposed funding increases for the NSF, K-12 STEM education, and green energy research. [Wired]
  • Michigan State U. researchers have published this study (PDF), which describes  major factors that lead students to drop out of college. Among the factors:
    • Getting a job
    • Poor grades
    • Loss of financial support

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