Denver Public Schools’ ProComp incentive pay system awarding more bonuses than ever

The Denver Post reports:

Teachers, principals and administrators in Denver received more than $27 million in incentives for work in the 2009-10 school year, with the largest chunk going to educators.

A total of 3,432 Denver Public Schools teachers enrolled in ProComp, the district’s alternative pay system, received nearly $25 million in incentives based on a variety of measures, including teaching hard-to-fill subjects, working at high- poverty schools and pushing achievement.

A total of 192 DPS principals and their assistants earned $2.1 million in bonuses. And 48 administrators earned $275,276 in incentives.

ProComp, Denver’s pay plan for teachers, has been watched nationally since voters in 2005 approved the property-tax hike to give DPS teachers $25 million in incentive pay.

For much more information, read the complete story at the Denver Post Web site.


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