November 10 K-12 round-up

  • Louisiana schools will report parents who neglect to pay for their children’s school lunches to the state Department of Family and Children Services (this only applies to families who do not qualify for free lunch) [Fox News]
  • The Denver Post reports on the small school movement, which “holds that smaller schools foster closer personal bonds and, in concert with a carefully defined academic culture, improve everything from attendance to student and teacher satisfaction to graduation rates. But the track record on standardized test scores remains mixed, highlighting the challenge of reconciling a niche school’s specialized academic approach with standards-based evaluation.”
  • The National Educational Policy Center has released a report that argues the Obama Administration’s proposed “Blueprint for Reform” of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) is not “informed” by “high-quality research.” The ESEA is due for re-authorization; its prior incarnation was as the No Child Left Behind Act.

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