Have you asked a librarian for help today?

The Hack College blog reminds us of an often-underutilized campus resource – the librarian.

Hack College argues that “in the age of digital information, the actual books contained in the library are no longer students’ most important resource at the library–instead, the librarians are.” I wholeheartedly agree.

As a Ph.D. candidate and undergraduate-level instructor, the librarians at my institution, the U. of Colorado at Boulder, have been invaluable to both my research and my teaching. Far too few students (and, sometimes, faculty) take advantage of the knowledge and experience of these hardworking and often under-appreciated information science professionals.

Read Hack College’s post for general advice on how to partner with librarians at your institution, or contact your school’s reference librarian for information on what services are specific to your college or university. You might be surprised by the kind of assistance you can receive from your librarian!


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