Diane Ravitch on schools and CEOs

Diane Ravitch, an educational historian at NYU and a former Assistant Secretary of Education in the George H. W. Bush administration, has written an interesting op-ed piece for the journal of the American Association of School Administrators:

American public education has survived many fads over the past century. It may not survive the latest one, which demands that schools operate along the lines of a private business.

Business leaders, such as ex-IBM chief executive Louis V. Gerstner, the Gates and Broad foundations, and the Obama administration want to change the philosophy of public education to make it “competitive.” They believe federal and state policy should emphasize incentives and sanctions and insist that schools adopt strategies of choice and accountability.
Diane RavitchDiane Ravitch

Certainly American schools need to improve students’ knowledge of science and mathematics, the subjects most often tested on international assessments, but the business strategies are unlikely to produce better education.

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One response to “Diane Ravitch on schools and CEOs

  1. Teachers these days are not like they where when my parents where in school. I think most dont care. They also need to have classes on financing and business in the American public education system.