Suicide of Phoebe Price, 15, leads to increased anti-bullying efforts

The Associated Press (via National Public Radio) reports:

Insults and threats followed 15-year-old Phoebe Prince almost from her first day at South Hadley High School in Massachusetts. Officials say the Irish immigrant was targeted in the halls, library and in vicious text messages…

Phoebe reached her breaking point and hanged herself in January after a day that officials say included being hounded with slurs and pelted with a beverage container on her way home from school.

Now, nine teenagers face charges in what a prosecutor called “unrelenting” bullying; two boys have been charged with statutory rape, and a clique of girls have been charged with stalking, criminal harassment and violating Phoebe’s civil rights.

This 2007 report (PDF) by the Pew Internet and American Life Project states:

About one third (32%) of all teenagers who use the internet say they have been targets of a range of annoying and potentially menacing online activities – such as receiving threatening messages; having their private emails or text messages forwarded without consent; having an embarrassing picture posted without permission; or having rumors about them spread online.

The Reno Gazette Journal, citing a recent U. S. Department of Justice-funded study, reports that cyberbullying has become more prevalent than physical bullying.


2 responses to “Suicide of Phoebe Price, 15, leads to increased anti-bullying efforts

  1. ciera driggers

    what happened to this girl should have never happened. but people always think they are better than anyone but its not true. i give my respects to the her family and people should get together and put a team program to protect other kids from bullying but like i said before it shouldnt of happened

  2. We send respects to the family and friends of phoebe prince, what was done was very sick and the people that bullieed her should be punished.