Black, Asian students in conflict at Philadelphia high school

The Associated Press (via the Washington Post) reports:

[South Philadelphia High School] erupted in violence last month – off-campus and lunchroom attacks on about 50 Asian students, injuring 30, primarily at the hands of blacks. The Asian students, who boycotted classes for more than a week afterward, say they’ve endured relentless bullying by black students while school officials turned a blind eye to their complaints…

Philadelphia school officials suspended 10 students, increased police patrols and installed dozens of new security cameras to watch the halls, where 70 percent of the students are black and 18 percent Asian. The Vietnamese embassy complained to the U.S. State Department about the attacks and numerous groups are investigating, including the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.

The New York-based Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund joined the fray this week with a civil rights complaint to the U.S. Justice Department.


One response to “Black, Asian students in conflict at Philadelphia high school

  1. Oh my god. We are not “in conflict”. We are being lynched by black students. How dare you use such neutral language.