‘Skinny’ jeans the latest threat to school dress codes

The Dallas Morning News reports:

As the fashion trend grows, more and more students are showing up wearing skinny pants in schools. Administrators in several area school districts say they’re not a major problem as long as they are not deemed to be immodest or disruptive.

But in the Mesquite [Texas] school district, the pants are banned outright. The district, which boasts one of North Texas’ most conservative dress codes, only this year granted female teachers per mission to wear open-toed shoes and male teachers the right to sport facial hair.

“We don’t allow striped shirts or check shirts,” said Laura Jobe, a district spokeswoman. “There are certain types of clothes that are not acceptable dress style.”

For more information on school dress codes, I recommend “Student Dress Codes in Public Schools: A Selective Annotated Bibliography” by Joan Pedzich (PDF).


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