Does coaching help students improve their college admissions test scores?

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Families can spend thousands of dollars on coaching to help college-bound students boost their SAT scores. But a new report finds that these test-preparation courses aren’t as beneficial as consumers are led to believe.

The report, to be released Wednesday by the National Association for College Admission Counseling [NACAC], criticizes common test-prep-industry marketing practices, including promises of big score gains with no hard data to back up such claims. The report also finds fault with the frequent use of mock SAT tests because they can be devised to inflate score gains when students take the actual SAT.

The NACAC report, authored by Dr. Derek Briggs, is available here.

Disclosure: Dr. Briggs is on the faculty at my doctoral alma mater, the U. of Colorado at Boulder, and I have studied with him.


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