Arizona bilingual education lawsuit may have national implications

Education Week reports:

Seventeen years ago, Miriam Flores sent her 5-year-old namesake off to school in this small city on the U.S.-Mexican border. Come fall, she’ll send 5-year-old Isabella, her youngest, and this time around, the 42-year-old Mexican-born homemaker hopes her daughter will get a better education.

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments later this month from a class action Ms. Flores joined on behalf of her first child in 1996. The lawsuit, Flores v. State of Arizona, contends that programs for English-language learners in Nogales are deficient and receive inadequate funding from the state…

Its outcome before the Supreme Court could have further ramifications, not only for Arizona but also for districts and ELLs nationwide.


One response to “Arizona bilingual education lawsuit may have national implications

  1. The Unapologetic Polyglot

    This is such an important case!! I’m getting excited to hear what will be happening with it.