Newsweek: Adventures in teaching

NEWSWEEK has published an essay by Dallas-area educator Heather Robinson.  An excerpt:

“Don’t you get bored doing the same thing each day?” is another question I get a lot. It’s a teacher’s windfall if any two given class periods are identical and flow according to the lesson plan, let alone an entire day or more. What many people don’t understand is that we teachers are working with wiggling, chatting children with varied needs. They are not robots who perform exactly as we direct without exception. Teachers are not on autopilot—we make thousands of decisions each day while working hard to produce a quality product that provides each student with what she needs and deserves. Teaching isn’t simply perching at a lectern and pontificating to hungry minds; it’s being an educator, a mentor, a parent, a nurse, a social worker, a friend, a diplomat and an expert on the curriculum. In short, we are professionals.


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